Lauralee Franco’s Statement


I am a painter who attended Parsons School of Design. I grew up in Staten Island, New York and my studio is in Sea Cliff, Long Island where I reside with my husband, our two sons and our daughter. I taught art for ten years in the Bronx. I enjoyed my experience teaching but have decided to paint full time.  

 The majority of my paintings have been created in the last two years. An experimental phase that enabled me to open up the language.  My intention is to start a conversation with the viewer.


 I achieve a flow when working that is meditative. 
My painterly style is expressive. I understand the language of abstraction.  A singular painted surface can express multiple concepts and nuanced emotions. The physicality of the painted surface is alive long after the artist is gone. Composing  compositions that convey the human condition is both fascinating and challenging.

We are existing in two realities simultaneously. Our external, physical reality as we move through space and time and our internal, private reality. As artists we start with a blank canvas but can move the paint in endless combinations and formations. Painting is communicative and seductive.

 A language that to me is beautiful and unique.